Candy QueenOh hey there, sorry I’ve been out. Since March, I’ve been busy with fun end of high school activities, like my prom and speaking at my graduation, and other getting my act together and taking it on the road events. But after some vacation time in Mexico, Los Angeles, and New York, I got back into using my favorite medium for a typeface project, candy. Because seriously, who doesn’t love candy? The only downside to this medium was the melting in the sun factor, but other than that working in M&Ms was super fun and of course colorful.

I also really liked this subtly brilliant quote from Katy Perry, I actually related to it very well. Probably because I also know that one day, some of the cutesy stuff I rely on in both my personal and creative life can’t be the main focus if I want to be more serious. Still, I think it’s important to always be a little whimsical.