Um, I’m still a little speechless. Yesterday, I found out that I got into the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture. I am stunned, I really didn’t think I had a chance considering the odds. But it’s real, I have a slew of recent calls full of excited screaming as proof and an acceptance letter that I printed out hanging on my fridge. I’m so happy I can’t sit still. New art to come now that a significant amount of stress has passed.



Hey not my normal posting of pieces, but I just wanted to share that I got into the California College of the Arts! This is the first art school I’ve been accepted into and on top of my admission I’ve been offered a $40,000 merit scholarship! I didn’t even know I had that much merit! Anyways, very excited because it would be a great school to attend, but I’m still waiting to hear back from five others. The month of March is going to be a long one…