Processing Processing

For the past six weeks, I’ve been enrolled in one of the most challenging classes of my life. In said class, I’ve been learning how to use Processing, a computer programming language in which I’m desperately trying to become a native speaker. However, the rigorous parameters has made it difficult to learn the local slang. (Wow sorry, getting a little carried away with the foreign language comparison.) Some days, when I’m up at 3 in the morning unable to understand why my program isn’t running, it feels like I’m deaf and trying to learn to speak Italian. Every once in a while though, the clouds part and the sun shines down on my keyboard and I make something that I think is pretty nifty. This piece was designed using a function I created that makes the various shapes in the composition move around the screen at random. 


How to Make a Mess: Final in Progress

So, things have been going very well my second quarter at UCLA. I’ve been creating pieces I never really thought would apply to my area of interest in design, but I think that it’s making my breadth of knowledge more well rounded than ever before. For the past week I’ve been preparing for my final project in my class on color, an installation piece that’s very user-friendly and interactive. Like “please touch” interactive. Image

My project uses the non-Newtonian substance commonly known as Oobleck, goop, etc. It is one of the most peculiar items to touch and play with. I’ve been having a lot of fun though doing test runs of what happens when I mix food coloring. True it doesn’t always look that pretty.Image

BUT for a few brief minutes it’s pretty spectacular. Image


Candy QueenOh hey there, sorry I’ve been out. Since March, I’ve been busy with fun end of high school activities, like my prom and speaking at my graduation, and other getting my act together and taking it on the road events. But after some vacation time in Mexico, Los Angeles, and New York, I got back into using my favorite medium for a typeface project, candy. Because seriously, who doesn’t love candy? The only downside to this medium was the melting in the sun factor, but other than that working in M&Ms was super fun and of course colorful.

I also really liked this subtly brilliant quote from Katy Perry, I actually related to it very well. Probably because I also know that one day, some of the cutesy stuff I rely on in both my personal and creative life can’t be the main focus if I want to be more serious. Still, I think it’s important to always be a little whimsical.


Um, I’m still a little speechless. Yesterday, I found out that I got into the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture. I am stunned, I really didn’t think I had a chance considering the odds. But it’s real, I have a slew of recent calls full of excited screaming as proof and an acceptance letter that I printed out hanging on my fridge. I’m so happy I can’t sit still. New art to come now that a significant amount of stress has passed.

Room Tour

Room Tour

A brief photo tour about my room, where bright colors and tiny objects run amuck. I’ll probably post more about the place I spend 70% of my time later.


Hey not my normal posting of pieces, but I just wanted to share that I got into the California College of the Arts! This is the first art school I’ve been accepted into and on top of my admission I’ve been offered a $40,000 merit scholarship! I didn’t even know I had that much merit! Anyways, very excited because it would be a great school to attend, but I’m still waiting to hear back from five others. The month of March is going to be a long one…

Stellar Aspirations

Stellar Aspirations

What humans and what stars are made of aren’t very different. I also made this piece as an answer to the eternal suggestion to “take a deep breath.” I used watercolor and Photoshop to create the finished product.